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The Peoria Diamond Club Grants Program provides awards, contributions and grants in various amounts to assist youth in developing educational and/or athletic skills and goals through sponsored or directed activities or defined projects that are within the PDC’s mission and stated areas of interest. Please note, only local organizations seeking assistance for a youth based program will be considered for grant funding. 

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Upcoming Grant Deadlines: April 15th 2019, October 15th 2019, January 15th 2020

**NOTICE: ALL grants must be submitted ONLINE, starting for our April 15, 2019 dealine**

Mailed applications will not be considered. Thank you. 

Peoria Diamond Club Grant Program - Procedures


The Peoria Diamond Club Grants Program provides awards, contributions and grants in various amounts to assist local youth through sponsored or directed activities.

Individual Projects: To support the training, development and/or attendance of a youth for the purpose of educational, cultural, or athletic event participation.

Organizations, Teams, and Group Projects: Grants may be awarded for the development/expansion of new or existing activities. Groups that are non-profit or charitable organizations, schools working to improved education, development and quality of life, or organized athletic teams participating in sanctioned athletic events are all examples of potential grant winners.

Use of Grants:

The Diamond Club’s Grants are to be applied toward the direct cost of the specific project, program, event, activity,etc. being proposed, as identified in line‐item budget submitted with the request. Generally, grants may be used to support the following items:

  • Costs associated with attending or sponsoring a proposed program, event, or activity.
  • Costs of a new or existing program or expansion of a current program, event, or activity which impacts the participants rather than administrators.
  • Costs associated with the sponsorship or promotion of a program, event or activity which encourages the participation in such program, having an emphasis on youth involvement.

Grant funds may NOT be used for the following purposes:

  • Funds or foundations which are themselves grant‐making bodies.
  • Reduction of an organization or individual’s operating deficit, retirement of debt, or reserve funds.
  • Replacement of program support received from other donors.
  • The personal health, growth or economic benefit of administrators, individuals or leaders of an organization or to: individuals, political campaigns, organizations which discriminate, or religious organizations which are solely denominational or sectarian in purpose.

Grants Eligibility:

Grants will be made to local organizations with appropriate 501(c) (3) or 509(a) tax status as specified under a letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Grants to individuals or teams will be made on a need basis. While not excluded from applying for a grant, organizations with large annual operating budgets will be expected to make a stronger case for such contribution. Also, the use of an unrelated private‐sector organization with appropriate tax status as a fiscal agent for a program developed by and for a not‐qualifying organization is unacceptable. The same applies to grants for individuals.

Multiple grant requests from the same organization in the same review cycle are discouraged. An organization whose grant request was not funded cannot resubmit the same request for at least twelve (12) months.

Selection Criteria:

Selection of beneficiaries will be based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • The need and scope of the proposed program
  • The possible relationship of the proposed program to previously funded programs
  • Proper submission of all required information
  • The number of youth participants affected by the program/event
  • The special nature of the event or program and its impact on youth participants

Please note, only local organizations will be considered for grant funding. 

Application Procedure: 

All grant requests (not submitted online) should include the following:

  • Grant proposal cover sheet
  • Completed two page grant request application

Helpful information to include:

  • Projected budget specifying how funds would be spent
  • A copy of IRS tax status 501(c)(3) or 509(a)
  • A brief description of the organization, or a personal biographical sketch
  • Copy of latest financial statement, and/or a copy of the most recent filed 990‐AR.

Program Administration:

Applications and inquires about the Grants Program should be submitted to:

Chairman/Grants Committee
Peoria Diamond Club
16101 N 83rd Avenue Suite 2
Peoria, AZ 85382

No telephone requests will be honored. Program coordination is the responsibility of the Peoria Diamond Club Grants Committee. Grants are approved by the Board of Directors following a recommendation by the Grants Committee. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL AND NOT SUBJECT TO APPEAL.

Special review information:

Once a request has been received, the Grants Committee may request additional information prior to a final decision. The Grants Committee may hold review hearings of applicants to gain further knowledge of the proposed project. Also, the Grants Committee reserves the right to contact the organization’s staff, officers and board members as part of the review process.